Friday, July 5, 2013

SBSR: St. Ranger “Skate Park Drunk – Swoon”

<1> “Skate Park Drunk” – This begins with somewhat fuzzy garage rock.   High Pop meets Flaming Lips meets something along those lines.  Then the chorus gets a bit faster with the lyrics and I’m beginning to hear a band all itself.   Bass solo.  Anyone else remember that song “Teenage Dirtbag”?   He said something about a skate park kid, but not a drunk.  This does have a familiarity to the verses, but the chorus is what seals it for me as being a good song because that just really sort of stands out on its own to me.  And now a musical breakdown with siren-like guitar notes.  And a bass line that shows off the funk of St. Ranger.   And we go out in a musical blaze of glory.

<2> “Swoon” – Bass riff, turned into guitar part.  Hum meets Weezer meets Pavement.  And the vocals kick in.  This is dream pop in ways, huh?  Can dream pop crossover with indie and sound like this?  Because I think it just did.  Whoa, that was a lot of static just there.   This could be math rock, based on the musical portion.  If not, it’s at least post rock now that I think about it.  Does anyone else hear the slightest bit of Green Day in this band?   The vocals nearing the end have a nice exchange. 

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