Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SBSR: Caust / (This is not for you) split

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                Listening to this split EP by these two bands that offer two songs each has got me wondering why bands that sound so similar can share a split.   I know it makes more sense to put a band with a band they sound like because then they can go on a fitting label and into the appropriate scene, but sometimes that might be more of a hindrance. 

                With these four songs, for example, it’s not easy to tell who is singing which song other than by the fact that they are labeled.   The songs come off somewhere between Nora and Every Time I Die and if you were to shake them up, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference of which bands was which.

                So why not put one of these bands with someone that doesn’t sound so much like them so that way they can be held in separate lights?

                If these two bands also didn’t sound so much alike, then it would be easier to fall in love with both of them.   In some ways, it almost feels like this is a competition as we compare the bands that we hear back to back.    In many ways, this can come down to “Well, Caust does this and This is not for you does not” or vice versa, and then rather than a split this becomes more of a versus EP.

                Having two bands on a split that didn’t sound so similar would also help with cross promoting, mainly putting some hardcore bands into the punk scene and likewise.   I think it’s a good idea even though I rarely see it happen.   (The Porcupine / A*Star split record was defined enough to have both bands as being different)

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