Friday, July 12, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Savage Sister s/t

$8 to Download // Free to Stream

            Following a somewhat brief intro, Savage Sister’s self-titled debut full length begins with the song “Tiger Lamp”, which at one point was on their Band Camp page as a teaser for this album so you should recognize it.  

            What you are in store for on this album is a lot of dreamy bliss.  If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you should have an idea of what Savage Sister sounds like anyway and you should know that I instantly became a fan.   This album is certain to persuade anyone who was previously undecided about Savage Sister and maybe even turn some of the heads that didn’t like them.

            Now it’s not all that often I get to create a new genre of music.   Most of the time, when I think I am creating a new genre I come to find that already exists (Mainly because in the past I’ve been combining genres, which apparently others did before me)   While this has ambient hints to it, it is also very dreamy, as I already mentioned, it has some synth in it and an overall new wave/1980’s feel to it.   However, it’s not all that dancy like some other new wave bands I don’t wish to name drop.

            The songs have a steady pace, but they’re neither really slow nor really fast.  It’s very soothing and a drum machine keeps the beat.   Why I’m hesitant to call it anything that exists, or any cross genre of that (see: dreampopsynthambientwave), is because this music really does break down all boundaries and in many ways creates its own sound. 

            One thing I never did before when I thought I was making up my own cross genres was search for them on Band Camp, which is probably why I later found them on Band Camp as tags.  This time not only have I searched Band Camp (and come up without tags) but I am also going to provide you with the definition of the word, as provided by The Free Dictionary. 

spa·tial (sp sh l)
Of, relating to, involving, or having the nature of space.
            So let the subgenre/category of spatial begin and let Savage Sister pave the way.

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