Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Lightbringer “Demos and Unfinished Tracks”

                While these might be called demos and unfinished tracks, the truth is that they could all pass as actual songs in my mind.   Stretching somewhere from ambient to FNL, Lightbringer crafts a sound that you may recognize from other bands in the same genre but they somehow manage to make it all their own.

                A song like “moving mountains” goes to show you that even without vocals, this music can get pretty heavy and fast paced.    It might not be ambient in the traditional sense and closer to post rock at times, but doesn’t ambient music really just set a visual mood?  

                Even when songs gain speed on this album, they still draw a good picture.   So while this somewhat helped me understand ambient music, it also made it a little bit more difficult.   Good?  Yes.  100% ambient?  Undecided.  

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