Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: I Kill Giants "I Kill Giants"

$7 to Download / Free to Stream

            “It’s just the kids these days / they make me feel so old”.    Don’t I know it.   I’m typing to keep up with all of these different genres of music, and then about a year ago this band called I Kill Giants comes into my life and throws a real wrench in the works.

            What’s funny is that this album references the previous album (Though there have been songs in between) in the song “Calendar” by singing “We can live in the exact same place”.   I also particularly enjoy the line “At least I’m doing this for love while you ain’t doing shit” (“Lucky Shirt”)

            So where does this album stand?   We’ve heard longer songs from I Kill Giants, what some would refer to as your “normal” length song, but their last album “We Can Live in the Exact Same Place” combined the sounds of Kane Hodder and Gatsbys American Dream to form songs that we fairly short. 

            On their self-titled album, only two songs are of the shorter nature while the rest tend to have the typical length you’d expect from a song.   That doesn’t mean you should hold your breath for a verse/chorus/verse song though.   These songs pretty much do what they want.

            There really isn’t a song on here that I don’t like.   There really isn’t a line that I shouldn’t quote.   But I’ve found myself constantly singing at completely random times the line set of:

            “And if I’m not bleeding
            You can just assume that I’m doing fine
            I know my hands are dry
            But just assume it’s cold outside
            I’m sorry, mom
            I’ve been lying this whole time
            But don’t you worry now
            Because I’ve been talking to Caroline”

            I wanted to compare this with other bands.  I wanted to give it fancy names like post rock, math rock, hardcore, indie rock, punk, emo and whatever skramz is (Sounds like the name of a one-eyed cat that’s seen better days), but you know what?  I’m tired of putting all of these I Kill Giants songs into small, dissected categories of subgenres that have been thoroughly examined under the world’s strongest possible microscope.  

            I vote it is time to simply refer to this music as I Kill Giants.   And furthermore, instead of comparing IKG to bands, we should begin using them as a basis for comparison.  

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