Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: fydhws “9”

                I’m not sure why this is called the number nine and I’m even less sure about the band name.  Start taking your guesses now as to what it means or how you might pronounce it.   Band names don’t really seem to matter as much in the long run though as the actual music does.

                With strings and piano at the helm, this is some ambient music that can take a turn for the dark and eerie.   While ambient music is used to sort of set a visual tone, to paraphrase what Band Camp describes it as, sometimes that tone is intended to scare the jeepers out of you (or simply make the hairs on your arms stand up)

                Well, whether their intent or not, these songs are close to being something out of a horror movie and for that fact and their quality I do enjoy them.

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