Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: BDee “Coppers Are Dead!!!”

                I’ve seen a lot of music genre labels in my day, but I’m not sure I have seen the hybrid of synth punk yet.   Whether or not it exists, this is exactly what I would describe as synth punk.

                BDee is a mess.  He is this synth, mashup, drum machine, cool guitar parts, sometimes verging on hardcore mess.  The Illegal Wiretaps can come out at times, if only in the vocals, and this sort of organized chaos is backed by synth.

                So when you take this synth idea and put it into a musical blender, the result is this and not just because the songs are short either, but this does have a great punk quality to it. 

                He says at one point something about the future, and yes, this does also sound like something you might hear in a movie set in the not too distant future, but maybe 2035 or somewhere around there.   All I know is that these songs seemingly fly by and I have to press repeat to listen to them again.

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