Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CD REVIEW: The Whiskey Syndicate “Right Side of Crazy” (in At The Eye Records)

                Heavy metal is a tough genre to be in these days, but it’s one that The Whiskey Syndicate finds themselves gracing.   These days bands tend to want to have Cookie Monster vocals when calling their music heavy metal, or any sort of metal.   Or, you get the flip side of the genre which usually involves bands sounding like Hinder, which, yeah, we don’t need to go there.

                The Whiskey Syndicate has made one of the best song for song albums of heavy metal music since the day that Nirvana came along and used grunge to kill the genre.   Complete with a ballad toward the end, this band brings back memories of my youth such as Guns N Roses (When Axl was with Slash, not whatever they have going on now) and Ugly Kid Joe.  

                While some heavy metal bands will try to create their own sound or look to popular modern bands for influence, The Whiskey Syndicate finds the perfect balance of taking classic rock (that rocks) and making it seem modern.

                As opposed to the majority of the bands you would find on Ozzfest, The Whiskey Syndicate seems to channel the legends such as KISS, AC DC, Bog Seger and, of course, Motorhead.    And regardless of how you feel about religion (Really, this is just music after all), we even get a heartfelt 666 and shout out to the Devil during one song. 

                Is Whiskey Syndicate the band that metalheads have been missing since Dimebag died?  I would be so bold as to say yes.

"Right Side of Crazy" is available from In At The Eye Records here:


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