Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SBSR: we set sail "Red stamp EP"

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<1> “New Seas” – We begin with an audio clip then hear a slightly sped up version of FNL.  I thought the song ended, yet it just came back with another audio clip.  2013 must be the year of audio clips from the Kennedys, huh?  The music is playing behind the audio clip talking now and it’s very FNL.  And now it is just flat out kicking in to rock.  Whoa.   And here come vocals.  Post rock, anyone?  As Tall As Lions.   And now we’re back to the audio clips and the name of the band is said.  Woohoo!  Cheap pop!  I’m guessing that is where they got their name.   The second big kick in of vocals here is singing about the road less traveled and it reminds me of a much better version of the Goo Goo Dolls.  (Side Note:  Did you know that the Goo Goo Dolls released a new album?  Saywhat??)

<2> “A Little Less Me, A Little More John Cusack” Is it just me or did John Cusack’s career stall as an actor?  I mean, what movies has he done recently that are good?  It seems like ever since he did Must Love Dogs, he opened himself up to take roles in nearly any movie that was willing to have him in it, and thus a lot of crap was born.  One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead, yeah, there are movies that will always be good Cusack movies, but he just hasn’t seemed to have made one of those “must see” movies in years.  Maybe he needs to pair up with a good director.  I recommend Wes Anderson.  Anyway, this is a song not Perez Hilton’s blog.   We begin with a drum beat and guitars sailing in and out.  So far no audio clips.  Perhaps that last one was just to introduce the band.  FNL in ways still.  And here come the vocals.  I can hear something I like in this, I just can’t name it yet.  It’s not Bayside or Midtown or TBS, but it’s along those lines and it’s oh so good.  The Receiving End of Sirens does come to mind.  Day at the Fair.  I thought it was ending again, but it came back again.   And we get a John Cusack audio clip telling us his guts have shit for brains.  I wasn’t really expecting an audio clip in this song, but I suppose I should have seen that one coming, huh?   Drums!!  Around the 4:30 mark we get some good drumming skills shown off. 

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