Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Au Blanche "Waves" [single]

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            We begin with female vocals and a “About a Girl” like guitar part.   Now the chorus is coming in with “Gentle waves will carry you to the place where I met you”.  I hate to compare things to the Cranberries these days because they’re so overused by me for comparison, but this does sound like their song “Zombie” in certain aspects.  

            Could this be dream pop?  I should say so.  It just seems to be a light hearted, sort of floating on a cloud song.   But it’s not all cute and fluffy like you’re probably imagining because I actually like it and I don’t go for that kind of music at all. 

My only criticism is that they could perhaps name this song "Gentle Waves" to make it seem more distinguished. 

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