Monday, June 17, 2013

SBSR: Let's be Loveless s/t

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<1> "Video Song" – This begins like some kind of 80’s or new wave band.  Then we kick into female vocals that could be from that very same era.  This does kind of remind me of the “Video Killed the Radio Star” song, but <pause> it’s cool because they’re also singing about videos and I like videos.   The first time around now, she sang about putting on makeup and trying not to break up.  Now, she returned to that line only this time she said “trying not to fuck up”.   She has such a sweet and innocent voice, like Joey Lauren Adams, that truly caught me off guard, like whoa.  <play>  I’m not sure if Let’s be Loveless sounds like )Videotape( as much as that I would just like to see the two play live together.   I must also throw in a quick Go-Go’s reference. 

<2> "Motivational Speaker" – This is starting with some fading in and out distortion riffs.  Then the bass picks up and we’re almost FNL.  In another life, I really believe that I could have been a motivational speaker.  I met most motivational speakers are dead inside.   This song is a cross between shoegaze and Letters to Cleo.  Here comes that voice again.   In some slight way, I can hear Polly Scattergood in here as well.  Maybe that’s what has me so attracted to this.  But then again, the two do have different music styles so it’s probably just this band that makes me like this band.

<3> "Star Matter" – Bass bass bass, guitar.  See, she has that whispery sound to her voice when she sings.  And now I will pull out the obligatory That Dog reference.  I listened to Mazzy Star today, but I still got nothing.  The first time I saw the Silversun Pickups, they had a video where there was a band playing their song and they had a female lead singer, so until I knew otherwise I thought Silversun Pickups had a female singer.   That’s kind of like what this could be, which would totally make Silversun Pickups a lot better because I really don’t listen to them anymore.  It’d be awesome if the last 45 seconds of this song was just “stars” being sung over and over again.   Ah, but after about 15 or 20 seconds it stops and we’re doing the drumming getting quieter fade out. 

<4> "Wake Up" – This will most likely not be a Rage Against the Machine cover.  Shoegaze or not, this is definitely dream pop because it’s dreamy.  This song actually has a really nice emphasis on the bass and not in a RHCP way, you know.  She just told me to close my eyes, and now she wants to know why I won’t wake up.   Mainly because I’m on antidepressants, but you know, I’d rather be asleep.  Can someone mash this with the Lagwagon song with the line “I’d rather be asleep”?   I’d love to hear that.  Yeah, she just did a total whisper thing right before the two minute marker that oozed of Polly Scattergood.  How many bands am I going to fall in love with today?  Because I’m always open to loving more and Let’s be Loveless (whom I sometimes spell with the second “L” lowercase) has got my vote for some award for the end of the year.  I’m thinking about making up award just to give this band one. 

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