Friday, June 14, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Sand People "Fish EP"

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            The first song on this EP nears the 18 minute mark while the other two are, in comparison, much shorter than that.   In order to keep myself from completely losing my mind, I just listened to this in one sitting, as a full stream, pretending that it was a whole bunch of songs or one really long song but just not what it actually is.

            There are a lot of noises in here.   Is it ambient?  Kind of.  It’s also kind of a field recording sounding.   It’s really all over the place and for those of a specific taste.   Is that specific taste right for me?  I’m not sure I can say after only three songs, no matter their length.   I haven’t quite fully enjoyed this yet, but I also haven’t written it off entirely either.

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