Friday, June 14, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Blank Tapes “Vacation”

                Garage and surf.   Surf and garage.  These are the two most common terms associated with The Blank Tapes, I’d assume as they are the two sounds I hear coming out the most at various times throughout “Vacation”.   

                But let’s not forget that this can have qualities like Tom Petty and stoner type rock n roll.  Even the song “Double Rainbow” has some trippy STP parts.  

                I really dig the song “Don’t Ever Get Old” and would totally buy it as a single on vinyl.   (Someone call Burger Records and make it happen—they don’t return my phone calls anymore)   Also, I really enjoy the line “We are making lots of new fans that are giving us cocaine”.   So if you see The Blank Tapes live, bring them some cocaine you users.   I wonder how many t-shirts I can get for my stash.  Hmm…

                Hunx and his Punx meets Tom Petty.   Hunx and the Heartbreakers?  Tom Petty and his Punx?  Take your pick I guess.

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