Friday, May 31, 2013

MP3 REVIEW:Drive Like Maria "Where The Broken Hearted Go"

Drive Like Maria "Where The Broken Hearted Go"
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            There exists a certain genre of band that I like and don’t know what to call, but perhaps enjoy a bit too much.   This genre of band falls under the category of “had one sort of hit on modern rock radio but really had an album where all of the other songs on it were better than that one so-called radio hit”.   Bands from this genre include such known bands as Blind Melon and Nada Surf to lesser known bands like Dandelion and Spacehog.  

            Drive Like Maria is the opposite of that kind of band.   Drive Like Maria wants to be on the radio so badly that they have made their first song a “radio edit” and while I only listen to the radio occasionally (Less than an hour per month I’d say) I’m pretty certain that DLM is not on the radio no matter how much they want to be.

            And with wanting to be on the radio so badly comes, of course, a fairly generic radio rock sound that has a higher chance of making it to the NBA than it does being played nationally.  

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