Saturday, May 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Knotted Cord “DEMO Spring 2013”

Knotted CordDEMO Spring 2013
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            Even though these demo songs might only be a mere five songs, they are certainly a strong five songs.   I don’t know if I’d be able to handle a full album of this caliber.  

            At first, Knotted Cord appears to be a band stuck in a loop.  You right away take notice of the constant guitar loops that make these songs.   While that is fine for some bands (And can grow tiresome with others) I find that not the loop itself but what it going on behind the loop is what really matters on these songs.

            We can get the most faint of female vocals in the songs.   There is a lot of beauty in the chaos, as a lot seems to be going on all at once.   There are also spoken parts.   It’s very much static.   It begs for me to throw in a slight L7 comparison, but I feel like I always do that.

            Mostly, these songs could be best summed up as art rock.   I would only give Knotted Cord the label of art rock though because it is far too difficult to explain and dissect every little nuance within each song.   This isn’t your standard guitar loop + distorted synth + female vocals album.   This is something unlike what your ears are used to hearing.   This is something special. 

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