Saturday, May 11, 2013

INTERVIEW: Rachel Haircut

1) Having a name such as Rachel Haircut, do people often mistake you for having female vocals? Do you feel like society is ready for gender based band names to no longer influence the sound of the band? I know that The Donnas, for example, are an all female band, but I think it'd be nice to see an all male band called Sally & the Fields or an all female band called Luke & the Skywalkers.

2) How did you end up getting your music released on Aural Sects?

3) How close would you say that the Rachel Haircut is to a mullet?

4) How big of an influence would you say the band Pavement has been on your musical career?

5) What is your definition of "seapunk" as a musical genre and lifestyle?

6) Both of your albums are currently up for free download on the Aural Sects Band Camp page. Is there any way to purchase them on vinyl, cassette, etc.?

7) As I'm listening to more and more seapunk and 8bit music, I really wouldn't mind hearing an album that was entirely covers only done in a seapunk or 8bit style. Do you know of anyone that has done this or would be willing to do this? Would you do it? And I'm talking either putting together twenty random Beatles songs or just going straight through the blue album by Weezer from start to finish-- something along those lines.

8) Final thoughts?

1. Ha, funny you should ask this question, I literally JUST changed the name of this project to "B Kind 2 Me".  Rachel Haircut was fun to play under and I definitely noticed people on twitter thinking I was a girl. When I met people IRL and told them the name, they would think it was funny/great, but online it was probably not the best way to represent my music, more-so because it was a gimmicky name than gender confusion though. I'm happier using the moniker "B Kind 2 Me" because It suits the kind of music I make.

I think society is ready for anything when it comes to art, an audience doesn't need to be pandered to, if the music is good, I could give a fuck what the person is calling themselves. I suppose that isn't the case with some people, but I'm sure you will see bands with names similar to those examples IF the bands feel thats a good way to title what they do creatively... I guess it's more a question of 'are artists ready to use opposing gender names for their project' than is society ready to receive those artists? I think in this age people are pretty accepting of whatever they find online so long as it is good

2. When I put out my first single, I was convinced that free and online was the only way to do it. having said that, I sent it out to a few labels I liked just to get some feedback. #seapunk was emerging at that time and I had been pretty influenced by that whole aesthetic, so I hit up Aural Sects because I knew they were into web culture and "Micro Genres" and thought they might give it a go. almost instantly I received a response and the single was up on their bandcamp within 24 hours of sending it to them. We've been in contact ever since, lovely guys.

3. I'd say it's the antithesis of the mullet ;)

4. I like this question. And I kind of wonder why you ask it, I have literally never listened to any music by Pavement. They have been on my "to do" list for like 5 years, but i have never gotten around to it. having said that, I would say they are a huge influence on me. let me try and explain:

You know when you were in high school, and there was a group of kids older than you who seemed interesting and cool? and you wanted to know them and see what they were about? but you never did? I certainly experienced that and I still do in social situations today. These kind of "unknown" scenarios allow your imagination to go wild. you can make up stories about what these kids get up to every weekend, what music they listen to, what it would be like to hang out with them, what do they smell like, what is their home life like etc. etc. There is an emotion hidden in all that creativity and imagination that I can't name. and that is one of the emotions I try to portray in my music. this kind of unknown yearning feeling, wanting to know. The truth usually is that if you were to hang out with those kids, you would probably be completely underwhelmed... thats why it's so exciting NOT to know. let you're mind have some exercise. I feel this same emotion when I think of bands like Pavement and Sonic Youth and all these big names that i am still yet to really explore. That feeling is a huge influence on everything I do in my life.

5. I don't really want to get too #deep into this. I was influenced by #seapunk because at the time of it's rise I was having internal revelations that my music was always going to sound like it was made in the 90s. most of my favorite electronic records are from the 90s and they are probably the biggest musical influences on my sound. #seapunk came along at a really coincidental time and seemed at first to be exactly what I was already making, but as time passed I realised it wasn't what I wanted it to be and have kind of tried to distance myself from it in more recent work.

6. I'm a big supporter of free music, but you might see my new music come out on some other format this year. Rest assured though, someone will rip it onto zippyshare when it's released.

7. Ha! there is no way I would do anything like that. and nah, i don't really know anyone who would, you never know though. I don't have any interest in remix albums or cover albums, thats just me though. I think you would be much more likely to find a cover album of Chip Music than of #seapunk tunes, which I'd probably be more likely to listen to :)

8. I really enjoyed answering these questions :) thanks for that. I'll have a bunch of new music out this year under my new name "B Kind 2 Me" keep an eye out for it:

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