Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SBSR: Drones In Love “The 2nd Time Hurts Worse Than the First” (Maxi Single)

Drones In LoveThe 2nd Time Hurts Worse Than the First” (Maxi Single)
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                The following is a review of “The 2nd Time Hurts Worst Than the First” (Maxi Single), which is a preview from the upcoming Drones In Love album “Polyamory”, which will be available June 24th, 2013 on compact disc and cassette.  I will be certain to pick up a copy of each version. 

<1> “The 2nd Time Hurts Worse Than the First” – This is the robot voice from Illegal Wiretaps (male) and then there’s this drum part.  Then we get into this bass line, which is an odd change of pace.   This really does have a shoegaze/dream pop sound to it.   It doesn’t remind me of the Illegal Wiretaps and if you told me it has no connection to them I would believe you.   I also like the piano line going on in the background.   The drums appear to be on this Little Drummer Boy type loop.  But just the piano synth makes this stand out and so it sounds more like something I’d find on Band Camp after searching for “shoegaze” or “dream pop” (and oddly enough, I did find it under both of those tags once and then downloaded the “Christy E.P.” before I made the connection to the Wiretaps.

<2> “The 2nd Time Hurts Worse Than the First” (Illegal Wiretaps Remix) – Now let’s hear what The Illegal Wiretaps can do to this song.  So far the piano synth is coming in and that doesn’t sound like something the Wiretaps would do on their own to me.   This doesn’t seem to have the other elements the original had, only the Gary Jules piano loop.   Although as I type that, at 2:15 the drums kick in.   This does kind of remind me when Tupac did “Changes”. 

<3> “The 2nd Time Hurts Worse Than the First” (Jandiel Johnstek Remix) – Both this remix and the Illegal Wiretaps remix are exactly 35 seconds longer than the original.  I’m scared this will sound the same as the previous track, just to see if anyone is paying attention.    No, it’s got a different kind of synth in the background of it, which adds a little something extra nice to the song.   It’s kind of like The Illegal Wiretaps took away and stripped down the original, but Johnstek is…. Well, not necessarily adding to it, but maybe just changing the main musical patterns somehow.   It does have the drum beat going too now.   Funny how the same song can sound so similar yet so different by three similar yet different artists.   This also really makes me want to hear a big beats version of this song.  And around the two minute mark we have dead air.   Three minute mark and still quiet.   (Yes, I am checking to make sure my ear buds didn’t go bust.)   Yeah, I heard nothing for the last two minutes and two seconds of this song.  Odd. 

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