Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SBSR:: The Illegal Wiretaps “Monaville, Texas E.P.” (Deluxe Edition)

The Illegal Wiretaps “Monaville, Texas E.P.” (Deluxe Edition)
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                Upon listening to these nine songs, I realized that the first four are part of my SBSR for what was once titled “Mona, Texas E.P.”   Now I shall review the five that go with them to make this release, obviously made better over time.

<5> “Why Do Addicts Facing Death Suddenly Call Upon God When They Have Ignored Him at Their Highest?” – This song has been on a Wiretaps release before I just can’t remember where or when.   Some of my Wiretaps releases have disappeared from their Band Camp page, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these five songs used to be the EP known as “Committed” and they just somehow got merged into here.  I don’t know.  On with the music!    Dreamy synth and house beats begin this song and seem to carry us through it a good ways.   And it just kind of waves out.

<6> “Codeine Waltz” – More knocking and then the bass drum of synth kicks in.   We have a lot of ambient background noise sounds in this song as well.    This now has the occasional bass drum machine kick here and there, but for the most part has just become an ambient/trippy type of song.   Which, I mean, given the title doesn’t seem too farfetched, am I right?

<7> “Seroquel Serenade” – And yet another song title that becomes an album title later on in life.   And by looking at my notes, I can see that I have not reviewed the album that goes with this song title yet.   Should be interesting.   This song is kind of ambient and kind of an industrial mess, ala one of the lesser known songs on Nine Inch Nails’ “Fragile” album.   And I can faintly hear vocals coming out in the background.   If this is a sign of things to come for the album of the same name (sort of), then I’m looking forward to it even more.  Maybe it will be next on my list now, I don’t know.  But this really does sound like one of those long transition songs Trent Reznor would write before going into something heavier and with more of an upbeat drum machine line. 

<8> “A Note to My Family (Redacted)”  - Bang bang drum.   Bang bang drum.  That’s how this song begins.  And now some vocals are coming in, which are the male computer voice.    There is some static in the background as well, but that should go without saying right about now.

<9> “I Never Saw You Coming”  - Much with the first and second songs, this song title seems very familiar to me for some reason as well.   When The Illegal Wiretaps like to write about “field recordings”, this is exactly how I picture them sounding in my head. 

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