Friday, May 31, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Bill Rubin "Fuck Everything"

Bill Rubin "Fuck Everything"
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            Being that this album is so cleverly titled “Fuck Everything” (I prefer the Descendants version thank you), would it be so wrong for me to simply say fuck this album and fuck this guy?

            It might, but it might also do more harm than good if I decide to actually write about his songs.   The first real song on this album, which comes up in the second slot, forced me to come to the conclusion that, yes, Lenny Kravitz could in fact sound worse.    Then we go into a little ditty about diarrhea called “Diarrhea” (OMG *surprised face*) which has the ultra-catchy line “Broken glass up my ass”.   Yeah… just yeah. 

            The musical styling of Bill Rubin does not exist because he manages to change it from song to song.   And a lot of his little in between songs refuse to let you take this guy seriously.   So my advice to him:  Find a genre you’re good at and stick with it.   “Crass Weird Al” is not cutting it. 

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