Monday, April 1, 2013

SBSR: v/a There Is No Sandwich at the End of the Rainbow (Impersonal Records)

v/a There Is No Sandwich at the End of the Rainbow (Impersonal Records)

<1> “Field Trip to Hell” by The Busboys – Is there such a thing as a field trip that doesn’t feel like it’s going to hell?   This is some mixed up audio clips doubled with some sort of music in the background.   Experimental is definitely accurate. 

<2> “Hong Ostojue” by 1-2-3 – This has a beat in the background that reminds me of rain tapping against a glass window.  It then has this ambient synth kick in with it as well.   Though other noises do come and go, ever so softly, it maintains this general pattern throughout the entire seven minutes or so of this song.

<3> “Theme from Radio Silence” by Radio Silence – I thought this would be silent, haha, but it sounds like someone changing stations on the radio to create a musical pattern.   Which is funny, because I like to try and change the radio during commercials to see if any of the things being said can overlap to make up something funny or clever.   This is kind of like that only with noises instead of the talking I’m known for mixing in my dad’s Taurus.   Anyway, yeah, I need to look further into this band because this is quite cool.

<4> “Cynthiana” by Elena Rotaine – You stole my record player!!  Give it back and no charges will be filed with the local authorities.  

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