Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SBSR: Stephen Farris “Fluctuate”

Stephen Farris “Fluctuate”
<1> “Window” – This begins with a beat and then that synth that reminds me of Grand Master Flash or just, you know, rap from that era.   Not quite Run DMC, but something along those lines.   Man, I need to brush up on my old school hip hop.   Anyone want to make me a mixed tape?  I’ll even review it, haha.   Now it’s getting all crazy with the synth, which is crossing the line between rap and rock at the same time.   And now I had to pause the song to hear if the baby was laughing or crying.   It’s ending somewhat strong. 
<2> “Binaural” – This begins with some form of synth but not like the previous song.  It’s more of an electronic song that you’d hear in a club or somewhere like that.  And then the beat kicks in and it just sounds even more like dance music from what I assume a rave would be like.  I could definitely see kids in glow-in-the-dark bracelets and candy necklaces dancing to this.  Interesting side note:  this song shares a name with a Pearl Jam album.  Do you think I should start reviewing every album Pearl Jam ever released?  I might one day.   This, however, does not sound like an electronica version of Pearl Jam.   At the 1:45 mark we had a little break down, then went back to the beat.   I wonder an electronic music band has ever made the album titled “Beauty and the Beat”.   It was probably an album in the 80s or 90s, huh?   Should I google that?
<3> “Point” – This song begins with a nice drum beat.  Then it adds some synth, some of which seems to be pretty fuzzy.   To update my inquiry on the last song, “Beauty and the Beat” is the title of the debut album by The Go-Go’s.   We have some audio clip sampling going on now.  And was that some 8bit?   Also, there is a song by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj called “Beauty and A Beat”.   Things you learn by reading my reviews, right?  You probably already knew or didn’t want to know that thing about the Beebs though.
<4> “Suggestion” – This has that piano beat that makes me think of 2pac singing about changes.   “Things will never be the same”.   I hear that in a lot of songs these days.   Now we go from hissing to angelic sounding synth noises.   Are we in heaven or are we in hell?   We’re getting away from the original sound of the song by the two minute marker.   And now we get some guest vocals by Max Headroom everybody.  Wow, I thought Y2K killed that old bastard off. 
<5> “Poly Snow Sky” – This song sounds like church.   Oh, and now it has that sort of synth sound that was first made famous by the movie “Masters of the Universe”.    This is definitely on a loop, right?  I’m not really sure what a loop is exactly, other than the type I have on my music software but I assume it’s something much more advanced than what I do by just repeating the same thing over and over.    Wow that song ended quickly.  

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