Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Coast “The Coast” (Dive Signals)

The CoastThe Coast” (Dive Signals)
                Despite being labeled as “The Coast” under both “Artist” and “Album Title” on Windows Media Player, this album was under the Dive Signals Band Camp and still has the Dive Signals name preceding the song titles when you look at them in the folder. 
                This album is very quiet and ambient for the most part.  In the third song, a sort of Asian culture sound comes out which is a nice little break from the otherwise sound of the album.   The fourth song has an X-Files feel to it, which I also happen to enjoy.   And by the end of the album we get into FNL territory. 
                All nine of these songs are untitled only with numbers, so it’s “Untitled One”, “Untitled Two” and so on.    Between that and the fact of whether or not The Coast is a band or if this is really just Dive Signals, I am left quite confused but pleased.

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