Monday, April 1, 2013

SBSR: Orphans “Pack Mentality”

OrphansPack Mentality
<1> “Blood of the Father” – And this kicks in all hardcore/metal and screamy like Norma Jean.  I’m digging it so far for sure.    And then we get this nice nearly spoken word part with the bass drum pounding.   This has some elements of Fear Before the March of Flames in it as well.   The scream speaking near the two minute mark of this song really reminds me of some existing band but I just can’t place who right now.   I love these crunchy chords though; they just incite such a riot.   If your band is going to sound like this, you need to go balls to the wall with it and that is exactly what Orphans is doing in this, for lack of a better term, metalcore song. 

<2> “Dark Satanic Mills” – And this song kicks in just as violently.   I really do miss this kind of good hardcore.   It’s like, for a while there were a few different labels putting out some good music along these lines and then they just stopped for whatever reason and no one else seemed to care to put it out.  Unless I’m just completely overlooking this genre nowadays, but anyway, having Orphans fills a void I’ve missed since the days when I got that Ferretstyle sampler with Skycamefalling and all those bands on it.   “I’ve become what I’ve always hated” – Excellent line. 

<3> “Bengals” – It seems like every song is starting harder than the last.  This one nearly broke my eardrum in these earbuds.   Whoa.   This reminds me of the better music Glassjaw has released.   And now it’s getting closer to the metal side.   I also feel the need to point out that I enjoy this band based strictly on their name because a gypsy can be an orphan in ways.   When talking, he almost sounds like Zach De La Rocha, which you can hear in this song just after the three minute mark. 

<4> “White Guilt” – If you do not have white guilt, you are obviously not white.    This song just sounds like it pains them to be making it, which is just such a huge thing because it’s like they’re leaving pieces of themselves on the floor while making this.   The screaming in the background now reminds me of Alison Ranger without the keys.   Here’s to hoping this ends in a big way.   It’s sort of fading out for the last minute or so, but I still like it.   Especially if the singer just walked out of the recording studio and the guitarist just kind of put down his guitar and then they all started leaving while it was still recording.  Yeah, I’m probably over thinking this one.

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