Monday, April 1, 2013

CD REVIEW: Ultrademon “Seapunk”

Ultrademon “Seapunk”
                Before hearing Ultrademon for the first time, I had never heard of seapunk as a musical style.    After listening to this album a good number of times, I’m still not sure I can explain to you what exactly seapunk is, but I’m going to give it a try. 

                According to most, seapunk is made up of old computer modem noises, electronic beats and audio clips spliced together to form an altogether new sound.   I can definitely hear that in here, and yes, it has a very enjoyable sound to it, but it’s also about what you feel.   My year old son loves dancing to these songs.   But they also have this feel to them where if they were a movie I would say they’d be that movie “Hackers”, which was just so cool that I wanted to start carrying floppy disks with me everywhere I went after seeing it.  (Yes, I was young and impressionable, but still love that movie and the all around style of it to this very day)

`               Now how could you not love someone named Ultrademon?   A cross between the sweet, sweet Kaiju of Japan from Ultraman and the Lucha Libre style of Mexico with the Blue Demon, really Ultrademon should be this gigantic superhero wrestler who can save the world better than anyone.   Yes, an Ultrademon vs. Godzilla album would we amazing.

                Sometimes when I listen to these songs I hear noises through my earbuds that I can’t hear through speakers.   Is that supposed to happen?

                Look, this album opened me up to the genre of seapunk, which I’m listening to like crazy now.   Then seapunk as a whole opened up my musical tastes to 8bit [But that’s another review], so really, to think about how much this single album has already affected my life is just unbelievable.    It’s almost had such a strong enough impact on me that I’m ready to make my hair blue and find out how to create my own seapunk music.    You know, I’ve already got three Hawaiian print short-sleeve collared shirts in my wardrobe. 

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