Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SBSR: Opacities “Control”

<1> “React Pt. I” – Well, we’re beginning with some sort of noise of noise here, but then we get a drum kit going so that’s nice.   It sounds almost like water running or something similar going on with the drums.    This goes on for almost eight minutes so my job is to see if it changes at all in that time.   Right now I’m two minutes in and not much is changing.   Oh, now some tweeting noises probably from feedback.  And some other noises are coming out as well.   This song would be classified under noise/experimental by me for sure.    Three minutes and only some slight variations within the last minute.    Going into 3:30 we’re having everything come to a close and there is just this noise that’s somewhere between an alarm clock and a cricket.   At four minutes we’re almost completely silent.   Going on five minutes we’ve had a solid minute of almost dead air.   Some rain sticks or something are coming in near the six minute marker, but otherwise we’re staying quiet as a mouse.   And now it’s just some slight whistling or squeaking. 
<2> “React Pt. II” – And this whistling feeds us into the second part.  This goes on for eleven minutes so let’s see what happens.   A minute in and I hear some mild bird chirping noises.   Two minutes and not much change.  Do you ever feel like people who make music like this are just playing pranks on people who review music?  This sounds like what you might hear if you went bird watching, although I’m pretty sure these noises aren’t actually being made by birds.   At the three minute mark I can kind of vaguely hear someone talking.   If I played this track out of my speakers, it’d probably drive my cats crazy.   At the four minute mark we get some humming noise going on.    That humming and the bird chirping are now going together into the five minute mark.   I kind of feel like this is what fishing must feel like.   5:30 and I hear some bug zapper noises.   But they came and went just as quickly.    Six minutes and I hear chirping and something like water running.   Seven minutes and I hear bass outside.   Though it does now sound after the seven minute mark that something is slowly coming into play… almost like music.   At 7:45 it’s getting stronger.   Eight minutes and all is well.   Nine minutes and something like music is coming out.   Ten minutes and all other noises have faded in favor of a piano.   And around 10:40 it does the long fade out.

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