Friday, April 5, 2013

INTERVIEW: Screen Vinyl Image

1)      What is it like to be a male/female duo?  I’m trying to think of some like you only other than, say, The White Stripes (which are a bit different) the only one that comes to mind immediately is Sonny and Cher.

I think there's a ton of male/female groups out there these days though maybe Sonny & Cher were the pioneers of the trend. We like working together as a band, it makes planning and deciding things way easier when it's just two people involved.

      You are from the land of lovers known to the common folk as Virginia.   I’ve had some pretty bad experiences in your state, mainly involving parents night at the college and a horse show (!!) but what are your views on where you’re from?   Do you think if I mass produced a shirt that parodied the “Virginia is for Lovers” slogan and made it say “Virginia is for Losers” it would go over well?  Better yet, would you make that design and then I can buy one of them from you?  (It’s okay to hate where you’re from, by the way.  I live in between Boston and NYC, so yeah, I’m pretty much in permanent purgatory until I can steal a car)

Someone's already beat you on the Virginia is for Losers thing by a number of years. We played a show in Baltimore once and they had those bumper stickers all over the club. Virginia is cool though, there's a ton of cool stuff to see in the state. It sucks though when you have bad experiences and they tarnish your opinion of an area, hopefully next time you avoid parents night and horse shows.

      What is your favorite John Hughes movie?

Writing? Probably Uncle Buck. Directing probably Ferris Bueller.

      Getting back to the music, it’s been something like two years since you last released something.  What was with the time gap?  Was it hard to get back into the saddle, if you will?  (Sorry, I would have used that horse cliché even had Virginia not thwarted my attempts to stay there once by having a horse show)

We work slowly I guess. Some bands are like Roger Corman with their music, we're more like Stanley Kubrick. We did release some small stuff like a remixes album and two seven inches between Interceptors and Strange Behavior. And we just released 51:21, a cassette, that had a single that never got released and a re-release of our first EP and some live stuff. We have a shit ton of demos too, but we're just taking our time with them.

      What’s the deal with “51:21”?  It reminds me of the Sugar Ray album title “14:59”, which was a little bit more obvious.

Man Sugar Ray, that takes me back to a time when I totally never listened to Sugar Ray. The title comes from side B of the cassette. If you go and download Carnival of Souls and start the movie at 51:21 and listen to side B, it all kind of syncs up in a low-tech Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz kind of way. It's free to download the movie, it's in the public domain.

      Since you probably get this a lot, can I have a free cassette?

I'd give you one if we had any left. We have a copy for us and the rest are off to a mail order place. You can have a download though or you could probably go steal it from some file sharing site pretty easily.

      Final thoughts?

Hope you get out of purgatory soon. We'll light a candle for you and the car you steal.

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