Friday, April 5, 2013

SBSR: The Illegal Wiretaps “Sonora, Texas E.P.”

The Illegal Wiretaps “Sonora, Texas E.P.”
<1> “Devil’s River” – So far we just have the audio clip of someone singing “Don’t lie to me / Hope that someone would take care of me” and some lasers and distorted synth in the background.   And at a minute into the song, the rapid fire drum machine kicks in.    Now the audio clip has blended into all of the other sounds to form one big mash up.   Well, the audio clip vocals have faded but the drum machine is still going strong.  And near 3:30 they have returned.   I don’t know where this audio sampling is from exactly, but apparently whoever is singing is was once lied to and as a result no one took care of him.   Quite tragic really. 
<2> “Drop the Sodomy Charges on the Taxidermist” – When we begin we sound like a cross between 1980s hip hop and a Transformer transforming, which might be a redundant statement.   Some words are trying to come through, but they cannot.   This is like something out of Stephen Farris’ playbook.  This is beats with funky noises that remind me of Grand Master Flash.  This also sounds like it could be bordering on seapunk, unless I’ve just been listening to too much seapunk these days so now it’s all just kind of blurring together.   The poor Max Headroom guy still can’t catch a break and get a full word out.   Luckily, the title has very little to do with the actual song.   If not seapunk, I’m definitely hearing some 8bit noises in here around the three minute marker.   It sounds like Mario is up to something.   And somehow we end with the sound of a piano.
<3> “All They Do Around Here is Kill Fucking Deer!” – This is all static and rhythm like Nine Inch Nails or what they call the industrial side of music.   This is something we’ve heard from IWT before and will hopefully hear again because these songs seem like belong in a “Saw” video game.   I doubt they made a video game based on that movie franchise, but would it be awesome if they did?   Anyway, at just past the minute marker we’ve entered a new song that has some sort of Phil Collins drums and an ambient sort of sound.   It’s more like the sound of a phoenix rising out of the ashes than anything else really.  At two minutes it just keeps building.   And at 2:25 it is coming down to a crashing halt.   Approaching three minutes and distortion is back in my ears, the way I like it.   Now it appears as if we’re flipping through the radio stations.   I think I just heard Donna McKenzie.  
<4> “Cowboys and Black Helicopters” – And this song begins with some quiet piano and bird calls.   Then it kicks into a light drum machine beat, which is nice.   So far this song feels very tranquil and peaceful.   The drum machine beat is picking up a little bit, but it’s not getting too crazy or too far out there yet which is interesting.   My keyboard has a helicopter type noise on it, so I was kind of expecting to hear such a noise in here, but we’ll see.   The drum machine is machine-gunning again, which reminds me of New Order.    At 1:30 we’re all getting quiet.  Now it does sound like helicopter blades are coming to get me.   Black ones, even.   Well, are the blades black or just the body of the helicopter?   What do you mean it doesn’t say?  Can’t you call someone and ask them?  It seems like we’re going to fade out on this beat now.  And we did.
<5> “Sonora, January 2013” – This is some funky synth, like a sped up video game.   I’m ready to kick some Resident Evil ass.   And here come the lasers to add to my dance party.   The drums come in and I’m at a sort of rave only the song kind of seems like it’s skipping, so I’d call it an amateur rave or something along those lines.   Get me a strobe light and something to drop and this music would make me feel my hair grow.   It could also be a twisted version of a song from the movie “Go”.    Not quite sure what that soundtrack looked like other than that one No Doubt song.   What happened to Gwen Stefani anyway?   Remember when she was cool and now all of her songs (Even as a reunited No Doubt) are so overly annoying?  It’s like they have this pop serum that makes you instantly catchy to teenyboppers but annoying to everyone else and she somehow got stuck with it.    Oh well, maybe we will further discuss this on the next SBSR!

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