Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Illegal Wiretaps “Somnia Sessions Volume 3: Ideas and Fragments Left to Rot (B-Sides)”

The Illegal WiretapsSomnia Sessions Volume 3: Ideas and Fragments Left to Rot (B-Sides)
                This is another earlier casiotopia style release by The Illegal Wiretaps.   In fact, according to the Band Camp page blurb, this was their seventeenth release in a period of eighteen months.   Wow.   Amazing.  These guys are cranking out songs faster than I can review them, but I’m trying to catch up.   Inside all of these reviews, you will read about the journey that this band is undertaking, but also about the journey that I am taking as a writer trying to review all of this music and not keep my website (complete) Illegal Wiretaps fan site.
                This album has what I like to call the robot vocals, static beats, almost techno beats at times while at other times as calm and soothing as waves crashing in an ocean, and oh yeah, a cover of the Rusted Shut song “Fuck It”.  
                We end on a song called “Jellyfish Gentle Pillows of the Sea” (Though I don’t recommend putting your head anywhere close to one) which takes us out in a “Fragile” era Nine Inch Nails type of industrial rock way.   Stellar. 

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