Friday, April 5, 2013

INTERVIEW: The Sorry Shop

You definitively should do this, we are always saying to people to go to "The Sorry Shop" whenever they need an excuse for something. But seriously, it began as a joke, but nowadays it's almost like a statement. The Shop grew, and now is offering a little more than just excuses. We are trying to offer something a little bit more noisy and cheerful. Like a colourful sound, sort of speak.

2)      You’re from Brazil, which is a whole interview in and of itself.  What is the music like there because all I can think of from Brazil is futbol and BJJ.   I also imagine the music having that Brazilian feel, which is not what you sound like at all either.
Well, you forgot the Brazilian Wax! That's the other reference we get all the time. Brazil is a very musical country, and it has a lot of variety. Maybe that is because of the latitudinal gradient. You see, we are from the far and deep south, with cold winters and warm summers. But people on the north of Brazil lives right in the Equator. So there is a lot of variance, and that is reflected on the various styles of music. But it's all good, as long as it's good. We grew up listening to a lot of European and American bands, so it's almost natural to make our music sound that way. We try our best to never forget the roots from were we came, but the truth is that the type of music we play is the music that makes us feel good.
3)      Is it at all strange to see shoegaze in Brazil?  Do you consider yourselves to be the ambassadors for shoegazing in Brazil?
Definitively not. We are just trying to make the music that pleases our ears, and having fun in the process.

4)      You have a five song EP, “Thank You Come Again”, and a fifteen song full length album “Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy” available to download for free from Band Camp.   Is there are a way to buy either of these releases in a physical sense?  (Vinyl, cassette, etc.)
The idea of having physical copies of the albums is something that would please us a lot, as well. RĂ©gis (Garcia, the bassplayer and composer of the band) got his hands on the Yuck's album on Vinyl, and it looked just perfect. The thing is that is so much easier for us to distribute our music through the internet, and the buzz we got around the EP and the Album was so positive, that maybe this formula had worked. We made some hand-numbered copies as a free gift for one of our shows, but we thought it was unfair to sell something that we just released for free. Maybe on the next record?

5)      Speaking of “Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy”, that’s been out for about a year now.  Are you working on any new music?
Yes, we are working on our next Album, to be released really soon. We are working hard to get the feeling out, and inside the record. We are trying to get satisfied, and in the process, to please the people that liked the Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy album. We hope that this statement counts!

6)      Final thoughts?
Well thanks a lot for the space, and we hope to see everyone that like or dislike us someday somewhere. 2013 it's going to be a pretty good year for the band, so wait for good surprises!

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