Monday, April 1, 2013

CD REVIEW: Joshua Radin “Wax Wings”

Joshua RadinWax Wings
                I don’t usually go for this singer/songwriter stuff- especially lately I feel overwhelmed by it all- but this is a good album.   I’m not sure if it’s because he has my same first name and I’m afraid I’ll be kicked out of the club or what, but this doesn’t as easily offend me as most music that you would put in this genre and I often feel like I am being forced to listen to (Which is ridiculous because no one has ever forced me to listen to music)
                This has enough Jack Johnson in it that I can feel comfortable while listening to it and really enjoy it, yet it’s not so much that it makes me simply write him off as a copycat artist.  I’m not one to praise the singer/songwriter style of male musicians, but this album for some reason doesn’t go in the trash with the oh-so-many others that I’ve heard.   So even if this isn’t normally your cup of tea, you may still find something you like in it because I somehow did.

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