Monday, April 1, 2013

CD REVIEW: Highasakite “In and Out of Weeks”

HighasakiteIn and Out of Weeks
                Before I begin this review, I need to preface it with two sort of short stories that relate to this band.    If you don’t care about these stories, don’t skip down a few paragraphs just skip off of my site.
                Once, probably within the last few months but before the new year, I was riding in the car with my at the time around a year old son and singing along to the radio to amuse him.   The Violent Femmes song “Blister in the Sun” came on and he was particularly fond of the drums, as I banged along on his car seat.    Well, it’s funny because in that song there is a line about “high as a kite, I just might stop and check you out”.   The gears of my mind started working and I thought that “High as a Kite” would make a great band name because it can illicit several different meanings, from being happy (such as cloud nine and all that), to being above everything to just simply being on drugs.   Before I could act far enough to see if the Band Camp was taken or not, I was coding my new website and found the link for this band releasing their single “Son of a Bitch”.    And oddly I did think “Son of a bitch” because my grand idea was only put in place because it was already somebody else’s idea first.
                That being said I really do remember the single “Son of a Bitch” coming out before this EP, which is why I was interested in this EP.   Which leads me to my second story:  I really think that whoever mixes songs these days in what is commonly called a mashup should consider mixing “Son of a Bitch” with the song “Help I’m Alive” by Metric.   Both of these songs get stuck in my head constantly and so much in fact that they tend to sometimes overlap into one another.   This often prompts me to sing “Son of a bitch, my heart keeps beating like a hammer”.
                With all of that being said, “In and Out of Weeks” is five songs in total, so there are four songs on here that you have not heard yet if you do what RBG tells you to do.    The remaining four songs are blissful pop delights that have the rock of any band you’ve ever heard before but are also just so instantly attractive to the ears.  
                I rarely will suggest you actually buy music, as I like for you to go out of your way to listen to something first to decide whether or not you like it before putting down your hard earned (or stolen) cash, but this is one release I can feel confident that you could actually pay for without hearing it first and be completely satisfied.   I may never say that about another release ever again.

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