Thursday, March 7, 2013

SBSR: RUMTUM “miniEP” (HUG Records)

RUMTUMminiEP” (HUG Records)
<1> “Dream Path” – It has an electric sound opening to it, but also gets kind of funky.   There are definitely some rain sticks or something to that effect going on in the background.  It’s almost like wooden chimes.   I hear some Arrested Development as well.    If this had vocals I wouldn’t expect singing so much as hip hop but in the lighter sense of Arrested Development or maybe A Tribe Called Quest at the most severe.    It’s got some funky bass synth going near the four minute mark.   And lasers. 
<2> “Birdeyes” – Into the second track and we have what I will refer to as jungle beats.   This doesn’t stray too far from the first song, but is different enough to let you know it’s not the same song and leave your body moving. 

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