Thursday, March 7, 2013

SBSR: Dirty Realists “Night Drive EP”

Dirty RealistsNight Drive EP
<1> “Intro” - This is just a quick minute long instrumental intro.   Not bad, but not much to see here either.
<2> “A Hazel Shade” – This reminds me of The Replacements with shoegaze in it.   It’s kind of like something Andrew Wagner would do, so let’s throw a shout out to him and his many musical projects.
<3> “Lofty” – This song has a different tempo than the other song before it, but pretty close to being along the same lines.    Did he just say “mad close”?
<4> “Iran” – Well, this starts off a bit differently.    It has a definite Smashing Pumpkins vibe to it and at the two minute mark cuts off entirely too early.
<5> “God Song” – This song is slower, but more like the previous song than the two that started this EP.   That song was almost like Hum without the kick in, so yeah, I liked it. 
<6> “Night Drive” – The vocals have some Piebald in them here.   Now we almost have an R.E.M. feel to the music, which is interesting.    We’re living in each other’s dreams?  Probably so. 

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