Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SBSR: ψʌvɘ Ûž ϮᴀᶅК “Big Grotto” (Vaporbabes)

ψʌvɘ Ûž ϮᴀᶅКBig Grotto” (Vaporbabes)
<1> “Decent Into the Deep” – Just an intro, nothing to see here people. 
<2> “Big Grotto” – Somewhere between 8bit and electronica, this song has a really catchy hook to it.  
<3> “Dolphin World” – We begin with a drum beat and those cool synths that remind me of some great lost 1980s movie.   Remember that band that did the “Barbie Girl” song?   They were called Aqua and this is sort of like a less annoying version of them.  Now I hear the 8bit in this song because it sounds like Mario is eating the coins.   This sound actually goes on for a while so I’d assume Mario is due for a free life or two.  Just how many coins are available for eating in Super Mario Bros.?   Does anyone know?  Has anyone ever counted them all I wonder?   It seems like someone out there should have.   I’m hesitant to google the answer though.  And yes, now looking at the title I can see how this synth does kind of sound like dolphins. 
<4> “Turtle Beach” – This is quite enjoyable, like a carousel ride.   And now the cymbals are crashing in at high volumes.   Really though, when riding a carousel I’d expect to hear this.   At the Houston Zoo I always would ride the black cat that looks like our cat Mary.  Usually I like to ride the ones that don’t move though.  I don’t know, there are so many cool animals to ride it’s usually hard for me to choose.   We saw pandas at the Memphis Zoo so I wanted to ride a panda on the carousel, but I don’t remember if they even had a carousel there.   Who rides the bench on the carousel anyway?  If you’re going to just sit on the bench then even the carousel is a ride too extreme for you.   Am I still reviewing music?  Is this thing still on?   I guess it was.   Ooops.   I hope you enjoy this tirade as much as I enjoy this EP.

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