Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Nosaprise “Book of the Dead Vol. 1”

NosapriseBook of the Dead Vol. 1
                There are five things that you need to know about this album.
                [1] The lyrics will make you think twice in the sense that you will rewind the tape and ask, “Did he really just say that?”
                [2] The music is a cross between A Tribe Called Quest and RUN DMC.   This is a great thing, people.
                [3] He has four consecutive tracks right before the last one that are called “dead air” and are just that.   They run for 34 seconds, 32 seconds, 31 seconds and 30 seconds respectively.   Those numbers probably mean something.
                [4] The last track is called “1 minute and 26 seconds of terror” and simply features a woman screaming in fear, which is most likely another audio clip from the titular movie.   If this is volume one I’m hoping for a “Army of Darkness” album eventually.
                [5] I think I offended this dude once on Facebook and if so I hope he forgives me because his rapping is not to be touched.
                There is no six.   Go download this album now and blow it out yo’ speakers.

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