Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: jpeg Artifacts “Back With a Bang” (Vaporbabes)

jpeg ArtifactsBack With a Bang” (Vaporbabes)
            The thing that I like about this album is that it’s got that electronica sound to it with the drum machines and synth, sure, but on top of that there is also an ever present saxophone which provides this sort of jazz feel to the music.   I’m not entirely certain I’m using this label correctly, but could this be what I keep hearing of as “jazztronica”?    Someone call DJ Chicken George and ask him for me because he doesn’t take my calls anymore. 
            There are also some 8bit parts within these tracks and “Time to Fly” just gets crazy with the drum machine and bass synth. 
            The last song has an audio clip that says “This is goodbye forever” but let’s hope that isn’t the case because jpeg Artifacts is one of those bands you should know and should stick around for a long while. 

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