Thursday, March 7, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Fatal Nostalgia “A Gathering of Ghosts”

Fatal NostalgiaA Gathering of Ghosts
                On “A Gathering of Ghosts” Fatal Nostalgia proves not only that vocals can ruin an otherwise awesome sounding album, but also that sometimes music is better left instrumental. 
                Though the mix of guitars and pianos over distorted noise and just a fog of violence can make any album incredible, when the vocals kick in for these four songs I’m just sent into another place that no one should have to go.    This vocalist sounds like a cross between Cobra Commander, the bad guy from Inspector Gadget and a ghost.   I want to call this music “croakcore” and move on, hoping to never have to hear it again.
                Then I stop for a minute and realize that maybe this guy has something seriously wrong with him, like a medical condition.  I wonder what if he had a bunch of throat surgeries for some reason and my being so harsh on him is in poor taste.
                But then I think fuck it.   If you sound like the Crypt Keeper, operations or not, you should not sing or do public speaking or anything along those lines.   It’s kind of like how guys without legs shouldn’t try to run in the Olympics, right Tink Tink?  Poor little Tink Tink…

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