Thursday, February 21, 2013

SBSR: The Gypsy Curse “From these broken hands”

The Gypsy CurseFrom these broken hands
<1> “Hands” – This has an acoustic, folk sound with the banjo and male and female vocals singing at the same time.  It’s not the same as Of Monsters and Men, as it definitely has its own quality to it on this song alone thus far.  It’s pretty.   The “ahh-ahhh-ahh-ahhh-ahh”s do remind me of Mumford & Sons though, but that’s the only comparison so far.   This also reminds me of Neil Young, but that might just be because they keep saying “heart of gold”.
<2> “Prison” – This one takes a little while to kick in, in terms of me just being able to hear it.  This has primarily male vocals during the verses and male mixed with female in the chorus.  I also want to say I hear an accordion.  This is a really slow song, but I still like it.   I really enjoy the female vocals in this song. 
<3> “Southside” – Another slow song with mixed vocals that doesn’t stand out too greatly from the first two.   These songs are also all pretty quiet so far. 
<4> “Gypsy” – This song has a Bruce Springsteen feel to it, but as a gypsy it does nothing for me.   Okay, I’m done with this.   I wanted to like it, but I just cannot. 
<5> “Trees”
<6> “Death Song”

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