Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Satellite High “Trap Keeper”

Satellite HighTrap Keeper
                This is an interesting little piece of music.   The basis of it is that as his wife was walking the dog, she stumbled across a notebook someone had dropped.   They noticed that the notebook had some rhymes in it, so this guy turned it into an album.  
                At first, I thought that this sounded like a gimmick but when you download this album from Band Camp you get a .PDF file with it that has scanned images of said notebook.  Yes, the notebook could be forged but that seems like an awful lot of trouble to make this whole thing work.
                When I was younger (But not as young as you’d like) I was writing songs and in my head when I heard them, they came out sounding like certain bands.   This made me want to sort of recruit, if you will, some of my favorite bands at the time to perform these songs for a compilation.    It’d be like how all these bands got together to cover Daniel Johnston except 1) I wrote these songs specifically for the bands that’d be playing them and 2) Daniel Johnston has far more talent than I ever could hope to have. 
                Then, a couple of years ago (Almost three now) when I got released from the mental hospital after trying to kill myself, I thought maybe it’d be fun to write some songs about my experiences that lead me through those fateful six months of my life that will be forever referred to as “my darkest times”.   I was actually interested in putting together some sort of similar compilation as before, only have the proceeds go to help those with mental illness.  Unfortunately, I need to find a charity worthy of such a venture as I can no longer stand by and watch the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention coddle those who suicide victims left behind and treat those who attempted the act and survived like they should be dead.
                In any event, this review has lost its focus from the original point which is that apparently all I needed to do was drop one of my journals outside of David Bowie’s house and, boom, his next album is titled “Precautions” and is about a crazy girl who bit my best friend.

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