Monday, February 25, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Corrupt Autopilot “Oh No!”

Corrupt Autopilot “Oh No!”
                When I was in my musical prime (of sorts, because I always have loved music and will probably always continue to love music and discovering new bands) it was the post days of grunge, when music was trying to find its new sound or the new direction for rock music to go.    This lead me to finding a great number of bands I still love to this day that primarily were only known for having one radio hit at the time, though some of them are probably even forgotten by the people in my age group.  (Mostly though, I think most people my age would be able to recall the song if they heard it, but not if they were merely told the band name and song title.)
                These bands I’m describing put out some great music and what’s funny about them is that one song they’re most likely known for was also the worst of the songs on their album.   I’m talking about bands like Nada Surf, who had a hit with “Popular” (clearly the worst song on “high/low”) and Marcy Playground, whose “Sex and Candy” can still be heard on the radio today.  
                Corrupt Autopilot combines these traits for me- from a time when I used to go to radio shows to see a bunch of bands play who only had one song on the radio at the time and I liked their entire album of songs that was out (Except for Candlebox—fuck those guys)- with the only change to that pattern being that there is no real “one hit wonder” quality song on “Oh No!”, which is in no way a bad thing it’s just a higher testament to the overall quality of this sound.

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