Monday, February 25, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: [aftersun] “Goodbye”

[aftersun] “Goodbye” <single>
                Despite being called a single, this is two songs for download.    I like this idea though because it reminds me of the days when I’d buy singles on cassette and they’d have the b-side.   I’m not old enough to go back to the days of the 7” singles, but, you know, those are still also cool.
                The first song- and title track mind you- reminds me of something that could be off of Bush’s album “Razorblade Suitcase”.   No, seriously, it does.   But that isn’t at all a bad thing because I do love that album (It’s my second favorite Bush album)  I also feel like I hear hints of Spacehog in here, which is nice because they’re one of my most favorite underrated bands.  Lo;ol ß That part there was typed by my cat, Jude, who has turned down offers from both Rolling Stone and Alternative Press.  She also went on to attack my slippers.
                The second song is called “Old Dreams are Not Innocent” and it comes in rocking like something from the Breakfast Club.    It has kind of more of a Joy Division sound to it mixed with the Sex Pistols, which is not probably how you think it sounds (But when you hear it, you’ll get it)  There is also just some all around great guitar work in this song.

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