Thursday, January 3, 2013

SBSR: Jane Woodman & Zoe Keating “Sister Europe / Tango EP”

Jane Woodman & Zoe KeatingSister Europe / Tango EP
<1> “Tango” – This starts with a guitar riff that reminds me of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” or something from the Nevermind era at least.   Female vocals kick in and my thoughts of Nirvana are gone.   This song is slower and lighter, but it has this very understated cello part to it that makes it seem so vital.   As we close in on two minutes, some beats are coming and I’m starting to get into this track.  And here are some background vocals as well, which is a nice touch.   I don’t know if this reminds me of Garbage or a band like that, but I could imagine this as being a lost track from the particular Romeo & Juliet soundtrack.  Around 3:45 we have a nice musical piece going on.   And as we close in to the four minute mark we are kicking in like never before.   This isn’t so much a song as a symphony. 
<2> “Sister Europe” – We begin with some drums and other noises here, which already has this song sounding louder than the previous one.  We kick into some dark, almost L7 type guitar work.    The vocals already sound a bit more impassioned in this song than the first.    While I didn’t have any specific problems with the first track, this one is so much better.  

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