Thursday, January 3, 2013

Album of the Year (2012)

Album of the Year (2012)
                We here at Raised by Gypsies don’t believe that music is a competition.   In a sporting event, on any given day, yes, one person or team can be better than another.   In the Olympics it is possible for a man to outrun another man or even several other people.   In foxy boxing, you know one lady is getting KTFO.  But comparing music is like comparing art to me and let’s just say that Van Gogh and Picasso never got inside the Octagon (Copyright UFC) because there is enough room for both of them (and many more) in the art community.
                That being said (And in the interest of not completely contradicting myself), should we here at Raised by Gypsies choose to award something such as “Album of the Year” for 2012 [Note: And no, we would not go into deeper categorized awards such as “Best Male Vocalist”, “Best Drummer”, etc.] our only choice for an obvious winner would be the most amazing:
                We Could Both Live in the Same Place” by I Kill Giants
                This particular piece of music can be downloaded for free* by clicking here:
                Considering this is my favorite music from this year in a completely non-competitive way, if you haven’t downloaded it by now you must.

*[Editor's Note: At time of publishing, it nows costs a mere dollar to download but is still totally worth it]

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