Thursday, January 10, 2013

SBSR: The Illegal Wiretaps “Jealousy is Cruel as the Grave EP”

The Illegal WiretapsJealousy is Cruel as the Grave EP
<1> “This Has Got to Stop” – We begin with casio beats and this could very well be a Casiotopia style EP.    It’s not exactly dance type music, but it isn’t quite as tame as Atari music either so it’s somewhere in between the two.    We’ve got some synths mixed in with the loops as well.  Then we go back to the Casiotopia style, which might only remind me of the theme song to Law & Order because my wife happens to be randomly watching it right now for some unknown reason.   I definitely feel the complexities in this single song.
<2> “Lesser Wings Have Soared Higher” – A drum machine and some thunder beats make this song start.  It’s kind of at the same tempo as the prior track.   Before the minute mark, we get a stop and restart which is nice.  <Reference New Order’s “Blue Monday” here>   The song is kind of slowing down, despite the loop in the background never fading.   Around 2:!5 the thunder beats are back.  (What would you call them?)   It’s picking back up now.   Based on Illegal Wiretaps experience, I’m going to guess that the last song is also instrumental.   After 3:30, we get a nice pace going that I’m really feeling. 
<3> “It Is Enough, But Please Don’t Love Me Less” - The last song is starting a bit differently.  It’s a bit more complex.   Thirty seconds in and I hear a moaning that I at first thought was my stomach.  (I need to eat something today)   This definitely has a loop, but it’s not exactly the same as the first two songs though it does follow a similar pattern.    It’s brilliant that you can have three songs be so much the same yet also so different.    Closing in on three minutes, we’re voyaging into almost a new song. 

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