Thursday, January 10, 2013

CD REVIEW: Anchors “Lost at the Bottom of the World”

Anchors Lost at the Bottom of the World
                When I was growing up I was in the prime of music.   No, I wasn’t born until 1980 but I still feel like the 80s/early ‘90s was a great time for music.   On top of that, I was in my teens when grunge hit so I was very much a part of that whole scene before Kurt Cobain killed himself and I then turned to punk rock.   
                There was this one kid who I went to high school with (There is always one—be that one if you can) and he had all the names of different punk bands written in Sharpie on his back pack.   That was the reason I found out about bands like NOFX and SNFU, Vandals and my eventual favorite, Guttermouth.  
                When I was growing up I had great compilations to listen to such as Epitaph’s Punk-O-Rama series and Fat Wreck Chords Survival of the Fattest.   Nowadays I cringe at thinking about what those labels are putting out because, well, at least Epitaph seems to be very much lost from their punk rock roots.  
                What this has to do with Anchors exactly is that I’m glad to see this band exist in 2012 as I feel like this band could have the same influence on a 16 year old kid today that bands from NOFX, Avail, No Use For a Name, TSOL and so many others had on me when I was sixteen. 
                In the song “Tour Dogs”, Anchors makes reference to finally getting what “Shoulder to the Wheel” is about. But I see Anchors as being more of an early Epitaph/FAT band than Saves the Day.

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