Thursday, January 24, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Underneath the Stars “Lucid EP”

Underneath the StarsLucid EP
                On “Lucid EP”, Underneath the Stars demonstrates clearly what my take on this shoegaze subcategory of FNL is all about.   The songs are instrumental and somewhat long, but I promise you that they never tend to drag on.    Once you put this on and get fully encased in it you will no longer be aware of time or much else around you as this is not background music it is a full on orchestral movement.
                The last track, “Atarxia”, which claims to be a bonus track, actually has some computer generated audio clip type vocals on it, but yeah, otherwise instrumental.   So when you do get to that last song, don’t worry, no one has entered your hotel room without your knowing.   The man talking is just in your head.

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