Thursday, January 24, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Strange Names “Five Songs EP”

Strange NamesFive Songs EP
                The first thing I noticed about the Strange Names EP called “Five Songs” is that when downloaded it only included four songs.    I thought this was a mistake on my downloading part, but we’ll get to that later (Had Band Camp robbed me of a track?  Read on to find out! Or click the link on the bottom.   No, wait, my editor advises me to tell you to keep reading, then click the link on the bottom)
                The first song- my first introduction to Strange Names reminds me of a sort of synth-y pop rock band, something along the lines of Neon Trees only nowhere near as catchy, hence nowhere near as annoying.    Both the second and the third song have the Buddy Holly sound of rock to it that was recently brought back by Hunx because if you say otherwise you’re racist. 
                The fourth and final track actually has a similar style to numbers two and three; however it cuts off abruptly at the end.   This lead me to believe that maybe it got cut off the way a cassette tape would and thus I was robbed of not only a fifth track but also a portion of the fourth. 
                Well, to settle the great debate I had been having with myself, I went back to Band Camp site I downloaded these free songs from and checked the actuality of affairs.   Yup, it is only a four song download.   I guess they just did the whole name thing to mess with people.  (Or give people like me something to write about in my reviews, so thank you)
                With hints of Blue October early on and Clash-like guitars later on, though only four songs these can still be downloaded for free from the Strange Names’ Band Camp and I would expect you to do so.

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