Thursday, December 20, 2012

SBSR: Mike Hidalgo Pittman “Wanderer EP”

Mike Hidalgo PittmanWanderer EP

<1> “Dark Soul” – This is a cross between the guy who has the last song on The Punisher soundtrack (look it up) and Tom Morello as The Nightwatchman.   Kimberly Freeman has backing vocals on this track, which only enhances it.   I would make the comparison to “Broken” (Seether w/Amy Lee) but it’s not really like that at all.  They aren’t exactly trading verses here.   There is just some fantastic guitar work on this song and the lyrics are excellent as well.  I think I might put this in a mix I’ve been making forever and never finished.
<2> “Nowhere” – Slightly different than the first song, but only in the way that it lacks a quality that keeps me engaged.  It has more guitar chords and not nearly as captivating lyrics.  His voice still does a good job though.
<3> “Drug War” – This song has more of that ramblin’ man/highway man type of guitar sound and it’s about marijuana. 

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review my little EP.

    It's appreciated.