Thursday, December 20, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Ninja Sonik “Darth Bano” #MishkaNYC

Ninja SonikDarth Bano” (MishkaNYC)

(I didn’t feel like writing these up, so here are my notes for this album)

-          First song has Star Wars music in the background, which is cool
-          17 songs, which is a handful
-          “Bars” is a fun song
-          “Mind Tricks of the Jedi” comes off kind of like Gangsta’s Paradise, but turns into such a great track
-          “My Kids Can’t Eat No Fame” is a battle anthem
-          “Hold the Line” is a fast guitar riff like a Tarantino movie with even faster rhymes
-          “Got my degree from Professor X” – Hold the Line
-          One of these guys is named Baffroom Sex?
-          “No Fun For Ugly Girls” has a pretty funny intro to it

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