Friday, December 7, 2012

SBSR: Kent State “Behind Closed Doors”

Kent StateBehind Closed Doors

<1> “Behind Closed Doors” – Nice, clean crisp distorted guitar riffs and drum beats to start us off.  Now we’re rattling like the snake.  This is some good rock n roll right here.  It makes me never want to hear the band name Jet again.  The vocals are somewhat deep and monotone now.  It’s a change for sure.  Sounds like female backing vocals too.   This has a nice chorus with the titular line in it.   I could see this being a “single” if such a thing exists in music any more.  I mean, I’d put it on a compilation or mix if I wanted people to get what I feel is- thus far- my best impression of this band.  There was once a band that had a female singer and it was called Sahara Hot Nights or something like that and this is kind of what the music reminds me of here.

<2> “Disconnected (featuring Airlooms)” – This screams of Ramones. 

<3> “Formaldehyde” – Something like Mudhoney.  A little over a minute long. 

<4> “Time Crimes II” – This song definitely has Lot Six qualities.  Also a little over a minute long.

            My fourth time listening to this band and just more songs to put on their collected CD that I will eventually maybe make one day.   Who knows.  Still good rock n roll worthy of your download.

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